Off the Bench

Kris wants to be a star scorer like his brother—so why does his coach keep him waiting on the bench?

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Soccer Trophy Mystery

Fred Bowen is back with more soccer action—and a mystery—in his newest Sports Story, perfect for fans of Mike Lupica and Tim Green. While soccer-playing twins Aiden and Ava lead their teams to a championship season, they try to solve the mystery of their town's missing soccer trophy.

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Speed Demon

Eager to find his place at his elite new school, ninth-grader Tim Beeman is torn between running track and trying out for football. Where will he feel most comfortable and be able to put his fast running skills to best use?

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Lucky Enough

Like many athletes, Trey is superstitious. How could he not be when he just made the Ravens travel team, thanks to his lucky charm—a piece of rare sea glass he found on his grandmother's beach?

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Outside Shot

Richie Mallon is known as "the shooter"—the one on the team who scores most of the baskets.

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Throwing Heat

Known for his crazy fastball pitches, Jack has never had a problem striking a batter out. Until now.

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Winners Take All

The Reds and the Cubs are battling for first place in the Rising Stars League, and the Reds need a victory in today's game to push ahead in the standings. Kyle, the Reds' center fielder, wants to win so much that he claims to have made a difficult catch, which he actually dropped.

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Soccer Team Upset

Tyler hopes for an unbeatable season for his soccer team, but is that even possible when his friends—and the team's best players—leave for an elite travel team?

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Dugout Rivals

For Jake, there is only one thing he loves more than playing shortstop for his team, and that's winning.

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Touchdown Trouble

Sam loves football. There's nothing better than the rush he gets when his team, the Cowboys, are working together—moving closer and closer to the end zone.

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About the Author and illustrator

Fred Bowen


Fred Bowen is a lifelong sports fanatic who has coached youth league baseball, basketball, and soccer. His kids’ sports column “The Score” appears each week in the KidsPost section of the Washington Post.