Mothers Are Always Special

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Mothers are always special.
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  • ISBN: 9780931948732
  • Publication date: 04/01/1985
  • Page Count: 96
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Mothers are always special.

Celestine Sibley tells us why mothers are always special. But don’t expect to find only silver-haired saints and paragons of maternal virtue in this volume. The women (and sometimes men) Celestine writes about are honest people confronting everyday problems. They are frequently strong-willed, occasionally unorthodox, and generally free-spirited people who do the best they can with what’s at hand. And they always do it with a tremendous sustaining power of love.

In Mothers Are Always Special, you’ll meet people like Sarah McClendon Murphy, who opens her arms, her home, and her heart to hundreds of orphaned and abandoned children. You’ll meet courageous Montell Purcell, who—when told her five-year-old daughter must lose her sight or her life—waits out the doctors and their diagnoses until a miracle occurs. You’ll be introduced to Joe and Horace, an unlikely pair who correct, cajole, protect, and mother a brood of five boys after their parents’ deaths, and who do so as lovingly as any woman could. And you’ll never forget doe-like Cora Purefoy, the sixteen-year-old mountain woman who mistakenly sells her baby and then fights to get him back.

With such stories, Celestine Sibley reminds us that no matter what the age, sex, or background of the person who loves a child, Mothers Are Always Special.


Celestine Sibley


Celestine Sibley wrote her poignant and thoughtful columns for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution for more than fifty years before her death in 1999. She was also the author of more than twenty books.

Scarlett Blanton Rickenbaker


Scarlett Blanton Rickenbaker is widely known for her marine and landscape watercolors of her native state of Georgia. She is also recognized as a portraitist and teacher of both portrait and watercolor painting.

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