Fussbusters on the Go

Strategies and Games for Stress-Free Outings, Errands, and Vacations with Your Preschooler
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This new parenting guide shows on-the-go families how to make the most of traveling with children.
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  • ISBN: 9781561452637
  • Publication date: 10/01/2002
  • Page Count: 265
  • Size: 7" x 9"


This new parenting guide shows on-the-go families how to make the most of traveling with children.

Whether parents are running errands with toddlers in tow or packing up the family for a long vacation, traveling with children can be a challenging experience. Boredom, delayed flights, long car rides, longer waits, and sibling squabbles can easily interrupt any adventure. Here is a one-of-a-kind survival guide for parents filled with practical strategies, activities, and ideas for making family outings successful, safe, and fun!

The first part of the book looks at the special circumstances and unique challenges of everyday outings, including managing trips to the grocery store and visits to the dressing room, keeping children entertained in restaurants and waiting rooms, and negotiating public transportation. The second part focuses on longer trips and vacations and covers topics such as: successful trip planning; entertaining activities to occupy restless kids; managing car, plane, train, bus or boat travel; and keeping kids clean, well fed, and well rested on the road. Sidebars throughout highlight important information and offer helpful suggestions and safety tips.

As a mother and child development specialist, author Carol Baicker-McKee understands well the special rewards and difficulties of traveling with children. Using the ideas in this resourceful guide, parents can end grocery store tantrums and car ride meltdowns, and transform any trip with young children into an enjoyable and memorable outing.


Carol Baicker-McKee


Carol Baicker-McKee, PhD, holds degrees from Yale University and the University of Virginia. She writes a monthly column for Nick Jr. magazine and has volunteered and taught in childcare centers and worked as a child and family therapist. She lives in Pennsylvania.


“In this sequel to her successful FussBusters at Home: Around-the-Clock Strategies and Games for Smoothing the Rough Spots in Your Preschooler’s Day, Baicker-McKee makes clear that she is indeed a parent herself as well as a child psychologist. Written with an earthy sense of humor, her latest book sets out to help parents of small children manage their charges throughout the daunting stresses of daily errands, travel, and ceremonial events with good grace, humor, and even a little fun. In fact, fun is the operative word here, with numerous examples of just how to ‘make it fun’ for those who are creatively challenged…. Practical and a joy to read, FussBusters is highly recommended for all parenting and child development collections.” ―Library Journal