About Habitats: Coral Reefs

This beginner’s guide introduces coral reefs to young learners (PK-2) and showcases the diversity of wildlife found around the world in these complex ecosystems

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About Habitats: Tundras

This beginner's guide to tundras explores the unique attributes of this cold habitat, showcasing its beauty and plant and animal diversity.


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About Habitats: Seashores

Studying nature? Going to the beach? Dig into this classroom favorite and beginner's guide to seashores from the creators of the award-winning About Habitats series.

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About Habitats: Forests

This beginner's guide and classroom favorite from the creators of the About Habitats series explores the major attributes of forests.


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About the Author and illustrator

Cathryn Sill


Cathryn Sill, a graduate of Western Carolina University, was an elementary school teacher for thirty years. She lives in North Carolina.

John Sill


John Sill holds a BS in wildlife biology from North Carolina State University. Combining his knowledge of wildlife and artistic skill, John has achieved an impressive reputation as a wildlife artist and received several awards. He lives in North Carolina.