A Place for Turtles

Turtles outlived the dinosaurs, but today they are one of the most threatened species of vertebrae on Earth. How can we help?


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A Place for Frogs

The population of frogs in the United States has been declining for the past fifty years, even in our protected national parks. What dangers do frogs face? How can we help?


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A Place for Birds

North America has almost three billion fewer birds now than it had fifty years ago. It may be hard to believe, but birds are in danger, and they are calling for our help. Sadly, humans are often the source of the harm! What can we do to help save them?


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A Place for Butterflies

Once abundant monarch butterflies are disappearing in the United States, but that's only part of the story. Many other butterfly species are also in trouble, and human action is often the cause of their plight. What can we do to help protect this important insect?

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About the Author and illustrator

Melissa Stewart


Melissa Stewart has written more than 180 science books for children. Her books have won numerous honors, including CCBC Choices, Bank Street Best Children's Books, NSTA Recommends, Green Earth Book, and Parents' Choice Recommended awards. She offers live and virtual school visits as well as programs for educators.

Higgins Bond


Higgins Bond received a BFA from the Memphis College of Art and has illustrated many books for children. She lives in Tennessee.