Wibble Wobble BOOM!
by Mary Ann Rodman
illustrated by Holly Sterling

Claire learns that practice makes perfect in Wibble Wobble Boom!, a new picture book by Mary Ann Rodman and Holly Sterling.

Claire can’t wait to get out on the ice and skate, skate, skate! She’s going to jump, leap, and twirl! Just you wait—pretty soon she’ll be on TV and dazzling audiences everywhere. But when Claire and her mom arrive at the Ice Center for Claire’s very first skate lesson, it’s not everything Claire was dreaming it would be. Beginners wear ugly brown skates, and who wants to practice marching in place when you can get right to it? But not so fast, Claire! One overeager foot on the ice, and…


In this humorous tale of expectation meets reality, Claire discovers beautiful performances require lots of skill, and it’s going to take many small failures and perseverance if she wants to skate like a pro.

Find Wibble Wobble Boom! this November at your local library, indie bookstore, or Barnes & Noble.