This Book Is Full of Holes
by Nora Nickum
illustrated by Robert Meganck

For readers who love encountering a question they’ve never considered before, don’t miss This Book Is Full of Holes, a STEAM book that will have you looking at the world around you in a whole new light.

When you think of holes, what comes to mind? Maybe the irritating hole in your sock. Or the hole on the shelf where you plucked out this book. But did you know there are holes that suddenly devour entire gas stations? Big holes in the ocean that are visible from space? Small holes in balls that prevent a backyard home run?

A hole is a part of something where there’s nothing at all. Holes are investigated by scientists, used by artists, designed by engineers, and fixed by problem-solvers.

★“Hole-y cow! This winning book adds up to a ‘whole’ lot of fascinating, thought-provoking fun.”Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review

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