Sophia—a former child prodigy and 17-year-old math mastermindhas been having panic attacks since she learned that after high school, former prodigies either cure cancer or go crazy. It’s a lot of pressure. So Sophia doesn’t have the patience for games right now. She especially doesn’t have the patience to figure out why all these mysterious playing cards keep turning up inside her textbooks.

Joshua—a highly intelligent and cheerfully unambitious amateur magician—has been Sophia’s classmate and has admired her for as long as he can remember. He thinks the time is perfect to tell Sophia how he feels. He doesn’t know how wrong he is.

A long-awaited follow-up to Life in Outer Space, this heartwarming tale of unconventional romance, perfect timing, and finding your own magic is perfect for fans of Rainbow Rowell and David Levithan and anyone who believes in making friends with the freaks.

“The story intricately explores the teenagers’ quirky relationships and the notion of what it takes to feel comfortable in one’s own skin. Sophia’s character is authentically geeky, and readers will empathize with her anxiety.” —Kirkus Reviews
“Neuroatypical characters, nerdiness, social anxiety, intelligence, and magic make this book stand out among other contemporary romances.” —School Library Journal
“Readers struggling with social and personal interaction issues, awkwardness about fitting into their community, and uncertainty about where their future may take them will embrace this novel”
“Charming and witty… Combining elements of science and magic in a spectacular way, this unconventional love story brings two atypical teens with very typical needs happily together.”
Foreword Reviews
“This teen rom-com satisfies the sweet tooth for a sophisticated but youthful love story without getting too mushy.”—The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

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