The Littlest Elephant

The Littlest Elephant
by Kate Read

Adorable jungle animals explore kindness and the importance of respecting others in this playful and energetic romp from Kate Read, the author and illustrator of reader-favorite One Fox: A Counting Book Thriller.

Ellie, the littlest elephant, is in a big hurry. She’s just learned to swim, and she’s excited to get to the water. She better get dashing if she wants to be the first one in! But as she crashes through the jungle, Ellie doesn’t stop to see all the creatures she’s knocked out of the way. Until…she steps on a tiger tail. ARRRGH!

Kate Read depicts a rich and lush setting, which hosts a delightfully colorful cast of friendly animals. This social-emotional tale is an excellent pick for introducing young ones to concepts of shared spaces and boundaries.

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