Seaman PB

The summer of exploration continues! After space adventures and a daring trip around the world, keep exploring with Seaman, a fictionalized biography of Lewis and Clark’s journey that introduces the faithful four-legged companion who joined Meriwether Lewis and William Clark on their famous westward expedition. Seaman may not have been the most famous member of the Corps of Discovery, but he was one of the earliest, and he was a comforting presence for all the men who had to leave their families behind for a chance at experiencing uncharted America.

Seaman: The Dog Who Explored the West with Lewis & Clark is a must-have for those wanting to fill their summer reading lists with adventure after adventure. Written accounts of the expedition from Lewis detail many of his and Seaman’s experiences, showing just how important the Newfoundland dog was to the explorer and the rest of his crew. This summer reading book will have readers feeling like part of the Corps of Discovery as they read about all the excitement and danger Seaman and the rest of the group faced on their journey across America.

Gail Langer Karwoski’s exciting work of historical fiction comes alive with the help of James Watling’s effective pencil sketches of the equally thrilling and terrifying experiences of the Corps of Discovery. Drawing inspiration from Lewis’ actual diary entries from his expedition, Karwoski presents a clear picture of what it was like to venture into the unexplored parts of America following the Louisiana Purchase.

Just in case you can’t wait to pick up your own copy of Seaman to begin reading about his adventures, check out an excerpt of his story here. You can also do some extra adventuring of your own with this free teacher’s guide.

“James Watling’s many handsome, shaded-pencil drawings will help readers visualize the setting, hardships, and dramatic moments of the story; and two maps will enable them to follow the explorers’ route. An effective, fictional introduction to the Lewis and Clark expedition.” ―Booklist

“Once young readers begin this fictional account of the dog’s role in the expedition, they will be caught up in the drama and action and even reluctant readers will find it just too good to put down.” ―School Library Journal

“In this well-researched and finely written book for young readers, Gail Karwoski brings the story back to life through the expedition’s most unlikely and endearing hero… Seaman, the first dog to cross the continent.” ―Dayton Duncan, co-author with Ken Burns of Lewis and Clark: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery

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