Easter is just around the corner, and we still have the perfect duck and bunny—and penguin and chicken—books to help you get in the spring spirit. So find your favorite reading buddy (stuffed animals are definitely allowed), hop on over to your coziest reading nook, and get started on this adorable feather-filled list of Easter titles.


by Kevin Luthardt

PEEP! A duckling breaks through its shell and immediately attaches itself to the first thing it sees—a warmhearted young boy. The newly hatched duck follows the boy home and soon the two are inseparable. But the duckling is growing up, and soon the boy realizes with a great pang of sorrow that his friend will have to return to live among its own kind. Kevin Luthardt’s deceptively simple story poignantly and humorously dramatizes this special tale of friendship and demonstrates the importance of learning to let go of something you love.

No Said Rabbit

No! Said Rabbit
by Marjoke Henrichs

Rabbit is happy doing his own thing, and he doesn’t want to listen to anyone else. Or so he thinks. Then, Mom makes a suggestion he simply can’t resist! Debut author-illustrator Marjoke Henrichs delivers a laugh-out-loud tale with Rabbit embodying every strong-willed child. Adult readers will recognize and empathize with parenting moments throughout, and a warm and loving twist at the end celebrates the joy of coming together again after a very contrary day. Perfect for bedtime read alouds!

Download these activity sheets for more fun with Rabbit!


Hat Tricks

Hat Tricks
by Satoshi Kitamura

Meet Hattie the magician—she’s a natural performer, and you’re invited to her magic show. Abracadabra, katakurico! Oh, goodness! Out pops a cat from Hattie’s magic hat. Can you guess what creature will appear from the magic hat next? Follow along as Hattie conjures up a parade of animals, and don’t miss the grand finale! From renowned author and illustrator Satoshi Kitamura, this humorous story is a delightful choice for audience participation.

Download this activity sheet, and recreate some of Hattie’s magic at home!

Beyond the Burrow
by Jessica Meserve

Rabbit loves staying close to home where it is warm and safe and cozy. After all, the outside has things with feathers and scales and horns and hooves! It’s certainly better—and safer—for a rabbit to stick to what she knows best: home sweet home. But when rabbit spots a particularly juicy carrot just outside of her comfort zone, she tumbles into a whole new world she wasn’t expecting!

Best Friend In Whole World

Best Friend in the Whole World
by Sandra Salsbury

Roland lives a quiet life by himself, but sometimes he feels rather lonely. He’s overjoyed when he finds the perfect companion in Milton (Good listener! Enjoys music! Also alone!), but clues start popping up in the woods, suggesting someone else might be missing their best pine cone friend. Roland must decide if it’s worth leaving someone else in their loneliness to keep Milton in his life. In this sweet picture book about friendship and compassion, debut author-illustrator Sandra Salsbury celebrates the transformative power of connection and the painful melancholy of loss.

Download this activity kit to learn how to make your own pine cone best friend!

Duck and Penguin Are Not Friends

Duck and Penguin Are NOT Friends
by Julia Woolf

Duck and Penguin are NOT friends, despite what Betty and Maud might have you think. They do not want to swing together, build sandcastles together, and they certainly do not want to play baby dolls together! Friendship is a choice, and Duck and Penguin will let you know when they’re ready to be friends, thank-you-very-much. This laugh out loud tale about the secret world of toys and making friends on your own terms from author-illustrator Julia Woolf makes the perfect read-aloud with a relatable topic and hilarious illustrations that will have children begging for multiple reads.

Grab your favorite stuffed animal, download this free activity kit, and have a plush toy playdate party!

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P Zonka Lays an Egg

P. Zonka Lays an Egg
by Julie Paschkis

Extraordinary hen P. Zonka spends her time taking in the beauty around her: the shiny green of the grass, the buttery yellow of the dandelions, the deep blue of the sky. The other hens can’t understand why she never lays eggs like they do―they think she’s just plain lazy. But when P. Zonka finally decides to give egg-laying a try, the other chickens are in for a spectacular surprise! Award-winning author and illustrator Julie Paschkis is sure to delight readers with this lovely story, inspired by the Ukrainian tradition of pysanky, about enriching the imagination and appreciating the beauty of the world.

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