Somebody Needs to Do Something About That Monster
by Doug Cenko
Illustrated by Doug Cenko

A silly and ironic twist on “The Little Dutch Boy,” featuring a charmingly unaware monster who just wants to be kind and make a difference.

Merv is a nice monster. He is settled and content on his little spot right outside of the village, snacking on plants and blissfully minding his own business. Until…the villagers start complaining about “that monster.” Merv decides enough is enough and leaves to go take care of that nuisance himself! He asks for help from the ooze-conjuring witches, the hungry troll under the bridge, and the famously (un)helpful unicorns. But their assistance comes with strings attached, and poor Merv isn’t ready to meet their demands. Will Merv return to the village a failure, or might he have been helping everyone all along?

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