If you’ve ever received a package in the mail or sent a letter to a loved one, today is an important day to recognize! Every year on February 4th, we celebrate Thank a Mailman Day: a day to recognize and thank the workers who deliver important mail and packages day after day, through rain or shine, for six days a week. Here at Peachtree we love sending and receiving mail–especially if there are books involved–and we appreciate the wonderful people who deliver all our mail every day!

This year on Thank a Mailman Day, we have a very special mailman to recognize. Stanley is back and delivering mail to all of his friends in Stanley the Mailman!


Stanley gets up early to sort through the mail in his post office. Then he sets off through to town to deliver it all. Myrtle, Little Woo, and Charlie all receive exciting gifts and letters. But will everyone be happy with what’s in Stanley’s mailbag?

Author-illustrator William Bee brings us another wonderful little story with our favorite hamster Stanley. Stanley the Mailman is coming March 1st, and we can’t wait for everyone to share another day of fun and discovery with Stanley!