Grades K-3

When a new peacock shows up at the farm, three hens become jealous of the attention this newcomer receives. Peacock graciously tries to trade places with the hens by sitting in the hen house while they strut outside, trying to attract customers, but it is no use. Each is meant for their own job and they cannot try to be something they are not.

Try this activity with your class after reading Three Hens and a Peacock in order to emphasize vocabulary while also learning that it is okay to be different from one another.

  •  Read through Three Hens and a Peacock aloud a second time.
  • This time, have the students raise their hands when they hear an interesting word, or one they don’t understand.
  • Place those words on a list and try to define by using context clues.
  • Discuss correct meanings for each word.
  • Words to look out for: cud, quart, peacock, fancy, shrieking, eventually, folks, admire, booming, brewing, lazy, moped, glamorous, bangles, gussied up, strutted, flocked, cramped, trudged, exhausted, and stellar


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