Finder, a sweet, tawny-colored dog, becomes the hero of the coal mines when he helps to warn miners of the impending danger. This book is action-packed and will help your students learn about a lesser-known piece of history while staying engaged. Try this creative activity with your class so that they may gain a greater appreciation for what conditions in the coal mines were like in the early 1900s.
  • After reading Finder, Coal Mine Dog together, tell your class that they are to imagine that they have to work in the coal mines for a day, and that they are only allowed to take one animal with them.
  • This animal can be a pet they already have, or an imaginary pet/creature that they would like to accompany them.
  • Ask your students to write a journal entry on a piece of paper describing a day working in the mines (for extra fun and imagination, you can try burning the edges of Manila paper before providing one sheet to each student. This can be accomplished by holding the edge of the paper near a lighter or candle flame so the heat crumbles the edges of the paper. Do this over a sink at home and be sure to have this completed before letting the students write on the paper).
  • Ask the students to write about what they and their animal companion would do in the event of a mine disaster.
  • Once everyone is finished, display your class’ new journal entries on the wall to enjoy!


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