King Kayla Case of the Unhappy Neighbor

King and Kayla are on the case, and newly independent readers are in for a mystery-filled treat!

Dive into your summer reading list with King & Kayla and the Case of the Unhappy Neighbor! The sixth installment in the lovable beginning reader series featuring everyone’s favorite dog-and-human duo, this new adventure is sure to keep any young bookworm on the edge of their seat as they work to solve the case alongside lovable King and his human Kayla.

Someone is digging up Mr. Gary’s garden and getting into his trash, and—uh-oh! Jillian’s dog, Thor, is the lead suspect. King and Kayla quickly put their detective skills to work to clear Thor’s name, gathering clues at the scene of the crime. Kayla notices the mess in Mr. Gary’s yard looks way too big for a tiny dog like Thor to make, and King learns from Cat with No Name that the culprit is a “new guy” and not Thor after all! Can King and Kayla find this mystery new guy, and do they have enough evidence to clear Thor’s name?

With simple, straightforward language and great verbal and visual humor, this laugh-out-loud tale from Geisel Honor Award-winning team Dori Hillestad Butler and Nancy Meyers is perfect for younger readers transitioning from easy readers to beginning chapter books. Great for introducing mysteries and the important concepts of fact gathering, list making, clues, and analytical thinking, explore the whole King & Kayla series today!

Download a free King & Kayla poster so you can always have this adorable duo by your side. Plus, check out the series activity kit and teacher’s guide for more mystery-filled fun!

“Meyers invests all her characters with lots of personality… Beginning readers will like the spacious typeset and thought bubbles that clue readers in to King’s thinking. This is a great story to help emerging readers strengthen their comprehension skills, and caregivers can easily discuss what young readers already know and what they are discovering along the way to piece together for a final conclusion… Entertaining reading for the newest generation of detectives.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Meyers’s illustrations invite opportunities for the developing reader to investigate alongside King and Kayla, and provide support and intrigue as the case progresses. The text also invites playful read-alouds… This newest addition to the Kayla and King series continues the good work of the sleuthing duo, offering readers an opportunity to test their mystery-solving skills and laugh along the way.” —The Horn Book Magazine

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