Spring rains have been breaking up the sunshine-y days, and as we continue our social distancing practices, we want to make sure everyone has some great reads for those long rainy days. From the newest readers who are having their first Spring, to independent readers who need some novel indoor activity, we have a book for every age!

Spring Babies

Spring Babies
Written by Kathryn O. Galbraith
Illustrated by Adela Pons

An endearing board book with adorable babies on the go during the spring season

Spirited, rhyming text and colorful, graphic art reveal an energetic cast of babies having an action-packed day of play in the park on a cheerful spring day.

Featuring diverse characters and highlighting early concepts like shapes and repetition, books in the Babies in the Park series encourage an appreciation of nature and outdoor imaginative play.

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In the Rain

In the Rain
Written by Elizabeth Spurr
Illustrated by Manelle Oliphant

Simple and evocative language and charming illustrations describe a girl’s experience on a rainy day.

In this gently rhyming board book, a young girl makes a paper boat, splashes in puddles, makes mud pies, and has other springtime fun!

Elizabeth Spurr and Manelle Oliphant together create a perfect sit-in-your-lap reading experience for toddlers.

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Monsoon Afternoon PB

Monsoon Afternoon
Written by Kashmira Sheth
Illustrated by Yoshiko Jaeggi

It is monsoon season in India. Outside, dark clouds roll in and the rain starts to fall. As animals scatter to find cover, a young boy and his dadaji (grandfather) head out into the rainy weather.

The two sail paper boats. They watch the peacocks dance in the rain, just as the colorful birds did when Dadaji was a boy. They pick mangoes and Dadaji lifts up his grandson so he can swing on the roots of the banyan tree, just as Dadaji did when he was young. Finally, when the two return home, hot tea and a loving family are waiting.

Author Kashmira Sheth’s affectionate, sensitive story provides a look into Indian life and the shared moments and memories that bind generations together. Illustrator Yoshiko Jaeggi’s colorful and fanciful watercolor illustrations recreate the lush Indian landscape during monsoon season, and capture the bond of love that unites a grandfather and his grandson.

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Toad Weather

Toad Weather
Written by Sandra Markle
Illustrated by Thomas Gonzalez

Something amazing is happening in the rainy city – and with Mama’s help, Ally is going to find it.

There’s nothing to do on a rainy day – or so Ally thinks. But Mama says she’s seen something amazing, so despite Ally’s misgivings, she sets out on an adventure with her mother and grandmother. On her journey, she sees all sorts of things: dripping awnings, wet cardboard, splashing cars…but also earthworms, storm drain geysers, and oil slick patterns. And then they turn the corner, just in time to see a big crowd. What’s happening?

Lyrical text from Sandra Markle and stunning paintings from Thomas Gonzalez, New York Times best-selling illustrator of 14 Cows for America, tell the story of a remarkable, natural occurrence in an urban setting. Toad Weather is an engaging story of anticipation, curiosity, investigation, and discovery.

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When Rain Falls PB

When Rain Falls
Written by Melissa Stewart
Illustrated by Constance R. Bergum

A colorful look at the amazing ways animals behave and interact with their environments on a rainy day

We go inside when the rain comes down, but where do animals go? This new book for young readers offers a first glimpse at how different animals in different habitats behave during a thunderstorm.

Veteran children’s book author Melissa Stewart takes a lyrical look at the behavior of animals in forests, fields, wetlands, and deserts and briefly describes how each creature interacts with its rained-soaked environment. Constance Bergum’s soft watercolor paintings colorfully depict the animals and special features of each habitat.

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Nina Soni Sister Fixer

Nina Soni, Sister Fixer
Written by Kashmira Sheth
Illustrated by Jenn Kocsmiersky

The second title in a humorous series featuring a charming, distractible Indian-American girl and her family and friends.

A long rainy stretch during spring break has Nina restless and hungry for a new project and aggravated with little sister Kavita’s embarrassing behavior. A fresh pile of dirt just delivered to the neighbor’s house for a landscaping project ends up being too tempting to resist. Can Nina fix Kavita and create something amazing at the same time? With her sister’s help, Nina launches a grand engineering project—with unexpected consequences.

Readers are sure to relate to author Kashmira Sheth’s endearing Nina Soni and her slightly scatter-brained efforts to manage her life with lists, definitions, and real-life math problems.

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