Little Tigers

Little Tigers
Written and Illustrated by Jo Weaver

As hunters approach their home in the jungle, Mother Tiger and her cubs, Puli and Sera, must venture to find a new home away from danger. Embark on a journey through the deepest parts of the jungle with this family as they explore many different homes, trying their best to find one that’s suitable for a group of tigers. Some are too wet, some are too dry, and some are just downright unwelcoming. But with their mother’s help, they may be able to find one that’s just right.

With gentle text and stunning monochromatic illustrations, Jo Weaver reveals the wonder of nature, the excitement of discovery, and the strength of familial bonds.

“The conversational tone and familiarly patterned narrative contrast pleasantly with the tangled jungle setting. Weaver’s smudgy charcoal illustrations, digitally colored, are lovely and softly luminous…. Perfectly paced, accessible, and appealing, this glimpse into a far-off habitat will entertain young listeners and, perhaps, awaken their empathy.” —Kirkus Reviews, STARRED REVIEW

“The pictures have a sepia tone and convey the soft rusty orange, black, and white of the tigers’ coats, while giving a glimpse of the flora and fauna of their jungle.” —Booklist

“Filled with larger than life illustrations…just right for the youngest audience. Children will delight in following Mother Tiger and her cubs on their adventure through the jungle…. It will serve as a favorite story to read before bedtime, with the tigers feeling safe, warm, and sleepy after their long day’s adventure.” —School Library Connection

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