Feast of Peas

Feast of Peas
Written by Kashmira Sheth
Illustrated by Jeffrey Ebbeler

Jiva works in his vegetable patch every day until the sun turns as red as a bride’s sari. He plants carrots and beans, potatoes and tomatoes, eggplants and okra…but his peas are prized above all. Even his friend Ruvji can’t help but admire the plump peapods. Hardworking Jiva weeds, waters, and waits, but each time he is ready to pick the peas for his feast, they’re already gone! Could it be rabbits? Or ghosts? Jiva is determined to get to the bottom of this mystery.

Young readers will delight in every surprise these funny friends encounter, and they’ll sing along with Jiva in anticipation for the feast:

Plump peas, sweet peas,
Lined-up-in-the-shell peas.
Peas to munch, peas to crunch,
I want a feast of peas for lunch.

From the award-winning author and illustrator team who created Tiger in My Soup, this original story set in India features a deliciously amusing tale about gardening, anticipation, hard work, and generosity. Kashmira Sheth offers a rich taste of Indian culture, and Jeffery Ebbeler’s vibrant illustrations perfectly capture the endearing characters and beautiful riverside setting. Feast of Peas is a multicultural adventure that’s a thrill to read aloud.

“Sheth’s use of language (poetry and repetition) is a singular delight. Equally charming are Ebbeler’s illustrations, which include lots of funny details, with exaggerated and elongated cartoon-style figures that make the most of the story’s humor. Delicious!” —Kirkus Reviews

“[A] dazzlingly illustrated new fairy tale… the images burst with engaging movement….a nice lesson on friendship and forgiveness.” —Booklist

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