We all have them: those well-loved and well-worn paperbacks that we re-read every year, overlooking a torn page here and a broken spine there, dog-ears in every size, the cover perhaps a bit faded but no less loved. It’s hard to imagine a time without this staple of the summer reading list (and TBR piles everywhere), but it was on this day in 1935, just 77 years ago, that paperbacks were first introduced!

In celebration of the beloved paperback, we’re highlighting our newest paperback editions here on the blog today! For more information, check out our main website or, better yet, head out to your local bookstore to find them on the shelf! 

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When a teenage boy on a high-tech treasure hunt inadvertently stumbles into the middle of a crime, he finds himself in a dangerous situation that could turn deadly.
The author of The Monster Who Ate My Peas offers a fresh angle on math anxiety in this hilarious tale.
Two grieving brothers learn the power of family and the power of white water.

A note from the editor, VH:

“When a book comes out in paperback fairly soon after the hardcover, we usually don’t have to worry about updating the text. We do,however, take advantage of the opportunity to do another careful proof and correct any typos that might be lurking there. But when several years go by between the hardcover and the paperback editions, we try to bring the text up to date. For instance, in Rough Waters, a book that first came out in the late 90s, we changed Walkman to iPod, Game Boy to DS Player, and earphones to earbuds. Who knows what changes we’ll need to make in another few years!”
 This satisfying story explores the powerful impact of our actions on the world around us.
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