Nina Soni, Snow Spy

Nina Soni, Snow Spy
by Kashmira Sheth
illustrated by Jenn Kocsmiersky

The fifth book in the Nina Soni series is a wintery mystery young readers won’t want to miss!

A long weekend and lots of snow sounds like a recipe for super-special fun to Nina. Best friend Jay is going skiing with his cousins, which is a little disappointing, but some family friends are going to visit and they’ve got two kids right about the ages of Nina and little sister Kavita. When Nina notices a strange car stopping at the house of neighbors she knows are out of town, she decides that it’s time to be a Snow Spy–complete with a Snow Spy Snow Fort, to be built by Nina, Kavita, and new friends Priya and Nayan. Maybe together they can keep an eye on the neighborhood and figure out what MP (Mystery Person) is up to.

“As in other Nina Soni titles, the text keeps to simple sentence structures without many clauses, making this book an optimal choice for emerging readers. . . . Snow good!”—Kirkus Reviews

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