Happy 2017 everyone! It is gearing up to be a special year for us here at Peachtree not only because of all the wonderful books coming out, but because it’s our 40th Anniversary! So in the name of celebration, we are delighted to share our Spring 2017 list. We guarantee you will laugh, wonder, cry, and cheer along with both new and familiar faces and stories.

New Picture Books

Young Drasko is happy working with his father in the Sarajevo market. Then war encroaches. Drasko must run the family flower stand alone. Based on real events of the Bosnian War, award-winning songwriter and storyteller John McCutcheon tells the uplifting story in Flowers for Sarajevo of the power of beauty in the face of violence and suffering.


It’s hard to believe that these flowers are real—but they are! With engaging rhymes and bright, bold images, award-winning author and illustrator Susan Stockdale introduces young readers to a wide range of unusual flowers in Fantastic Flowers.

Join the children of Room 3 and Mrs. McBee as they find their own ways of helping each other get ready to leave and say good-bye. Gretchen Brandenburg McLellan brings readers Mrs. McBee Leaves Room 3, an amusing and touching story about transitions and the importance of observing them. With Grace Zong’s charming illustrations, the distinct cast of lively characters comes to life on the page.

Enchanted prince or just a plain old frog? Pucker up, princesses! There’s only one way to find out. Jonathan Emmett’s clever twist on the “The Frog Prince,” Prince Ribbit, pits a spunky, bespectacled princess against a sly amphibian to teach a charming lesson on the pitfalls of trusting everything you read.

The circus is beginning! Fierce Lion and speedy Zebra are stepping into the ring to perform their act—but wait! Things aren’t going quite according to plan… Zebra is on the go—with Lion in hot pursuit! Jill Nogales’s rollicking story Zebra on the Go keeps readers on their hooves— er, toes—while Lorraine Rocha’s vibrant illustrations bring the whole circus to life.

New Illustrated Chapter Books

A lovable dog helps his human girl solve a mystery. Kayla made peanut butter treats for Jillian’s new puppy Thor. But now the treats are missing. What does Kayla know? —There are three treats missing. King was in the kitchen. King’s breath doesn’t smell like peanut butter. What does King know? —There’s an intruder in the house.  Join Dori Hillestad Butler’s new dynamic duo in King & Kayla and the Case of the Missing Dog Treats to solve the mystery!

The mysteries continue with King & Kayla and the Case of the Secret Code! Kayla and Mason both got mysterious letters, written in code. What does Kayla know? —The same person left both letters. It’s someone she and Mason both know. The two letters are the same, except for the second word.What does King know? —Jillian left the letters. What do the letters say?

New Additions to Your Favorite Series

Welcome to Stanley’s Store! Can Stanley help his friends find everything they need? Stanley’s Store invites young readers to explore grocery store processes, colors, and machines in a sweet, simple world. With bright illustrations, adorable characters, and a chunky padded-cover format, William Bee’s Stanley series is perfect for readers transitioning from board books to picture books.

An action-packed and heartwarming story of a hardened old sea dog on Magellan’s journey to Spice Island. Alison Hart’s Dog Chronicles series continues with Leo, Dog of the Sea.

Eighth-grader Richie Mallon has always known he was a shooter, but will his amazing shooting talent be enough to keep him on the team? Author Fred Bowen continues his Sport Story Series in Outside Shot with full court, play-by-play action that’s sure to keep readers on the edge of their seats!
Check out our full Spring 2017 catalog here, and stay tuned for giveaways, interviews, and more.