Summer is right around the corner! We’re so excited to be introducing all the wonderful new books we have coming out this summer, including a new tale from fairy tale favorite Bethan Woollvin, some deep sea exploration with nonfiction genius Mary Batten, some incredible female protagonists across our middle grade group, and the introduction of our inaugural list of Peachtree Teen books! Happy reading to everyone!

Ready! Said Rabbit
by Marjoke Henrichs

Rabbit is back! Simple lines and gouache washes smoothly accentuate a tale of patience to share between a dad and child; readers will laugh along with playful jibes at relatable, dawdling behaviors. An excellent read aloud pick for dads and their little loved ones to celebrate each other, charming flaws and all.

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Life in Hot Water
by Mary Batten
Illustrated by Thomas Gonzalez

Award-winning science writer Mary Batten and NYT best-selling illustrator Thomas Gonzalez, the masterful duo that created Life in a Frozen World, team up again in this impressive overview of hydrothermal ocean vents. Her clear, informative text coupled with his unique and eerily realistic paintings of sights never seen on land—gushing “black smokers,” ghostly blind shrimp, red-plumed tube worms—will entice readers to learn more about this once-hidden world at the bottom of the sea.

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A Unicorn on a Unicycle: A Counting Book of Wheels
by Lynda Graham-Barber
Illustrated by Jordan Wray

Follow along with a cool cast of critters as they parade down a road, led by unicorn a unicycle. Let’s count all the wheels on their scooters, bikes, and cars as they go by! 1, 2, 3… How many wheels can you see at the Zoom-Zoom-Whee Jamboree? BONUS CONTENT: Grow with numbers 1 through 100 on the endpapers!

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Howard the Average Gecko
by Wendy Meddour
Carmen Saldaña

Howard thinks he’s the most exceptional creature in the entire rainforest. That’s because no other creature is as fantastically camouflaged as he is! But when Howard learns that other creatures can be camouflaged, too, he doesn’t feel so special anymore. In fact, he might just be…GASP…average! Who could ever love a completely unexceptional gecko like Howard? Dip into this vibrantly illustrated and funny tale to find out!

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Three Little Vikings
by Bethan Woollvin

From the creator of the New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Book, Little Red, comes another thrilling and spunky fairy tale retelling about three very brave and rebellious Viking girls. Someone—or something—is CRASHING and BASHING near a village of Viking folk! Chickens are disappearing, trees are falling down, and there are awfully big footprints leading into the woods…Three little Viking girls know just what the trouble is, but the silly chieftain won’t listen to them! Can this gumptious trio work together to raise their voices and prove who knows best, after all?

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The Impossible Destiny of Cutie Grackle
by Shawn K. Stout

Cutie Grackle is used to being different—she lives alone on a mountain with her feeble-minded uncle, and when she’s not sucking pebbles to trick her stomach into feeling full, she’s chatting with a weathered garden gnome for company. But having a flock of ravens follow you is more than just different. Cutie worries the birds are connected to the curse Uncle Horace tends to mutter about. And she’s right.

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Mr. Penguin and the Tomb of Doom
by Alex T. Smith

Mr. Penguin and his kung-fu spider sidekick, Colin, are in for another wild and daring escapade! After arriving in the bustling desert town of Laghaz, their good friend Edith Hedge goes missing! Then someone strikingly familiar appears, and the Adventuring gang is snared in a web of clues that lures them right into…THE VALLEY OF PERIL: hidden crypts, cursed treasure, and nefarious figures skulking in the shadows!

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Flipping Forward Twisting Backward
by Alma Fullerton

Claire is by far the best gymnast on her team, and she’s well on her way to qualifying for the state championships. The gym is where Claire shines. But at school, she’s known as a troublemaker. She seems to spend more time in the office than in class—which is fine with her since it enables her to hide the fact that she can’t read. She has never been able to make sense of the wobbling jumble of letters on a page. No one except her BFF knows. Told in clear and poignant verse and featuring black and white illustrations, Claire’s struggle with something that seems to come easily to everyone else will resonate with readers and have them cheering her on.

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Big Rig
by Louise Hawes

Life on the road with Daddy is as good as gets for Hazmat. Together, they’ve been taking jobs and crisscrossing the US for years. Now Daddy’s talking about putting down roots—somewhere Hazmat can go to a real school and make friends. Somewhere Daddy doesn’t have to mail-order textbooks about “nature’s promise to all women.” Somewhere Mom’s ashes can rest on a mantle and not on a dashboard. While everything just keeps changing, sometimes in ways she can’t control, Hazmat isn’t ready to give up the freedom of long-distance hauling.

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Introducing the Inaugural Peachtree Teen list!

The Ghosts of Rose Hill
by R. M. Romero

A modern folktale for fans of The Bear and the Nightingale and The Hazel Wood about embracing your power, facing your monsters, and loving deeply enough to transcend a century. With spellbinding verse, R.M. Romero channels the spirit of myth into a brilliantly original tale, inspired by her experiences restoring Jewish cemeteries in Eastern Europe.

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Hell Followed with Us
by Andrew Joseph White

Sixteen-year-old trans boy Benji is on the run from the cult that raised him—the fundamentalist sect that unleashed Armageddon and decimated the world’s population. Desperately, he searches for a place where the cult can’t get their hands on him, or more importantly, on the bioweapon they infected him with.

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Boys I Know
by Anna Gracia

June Chu is the “just good enough” girl. Good enough to line the shelves with a slew of third-place trophies and steal secret kisses from her AP Bio partner, Rhys. But not good enough to meet literally any of her Taiwanese mother’s unrelenting expectations or to get Rhys to commit to anything beyond a well-timed joke.

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