Stay! perfectly captures what it’s like to have a new pet in the house. Ben and Buster are a dynamic pair, but Ben lets Buster, his dog, do what he wants when he wants. Ben’s parents are not as on board with this idea, and they decide to take a family vacation…without Buster. Buster will stay with Grampa while they are away, and when they return, they’ll find that Grampa has worked some magic of his own on the rambunctious dog.

This book stands out among others in that Ben writes an enormous amount of letters, notes, and postcards to Grampa about how to take care of Buster. He worries that Grampa will not know how Buster likes to be treated, what his biggest fears are, and how he likes to be scratched. Many of the pages in this book display the letters that Ben has written, complete with illustrations for maximum understanding. Grampa finishes the story by writing Ben a letter of his own; only this time, he describes how to continue training Buster, rather than pampering him.

This book is a perfect read aloud for any child that loves pets, has a dog, or wants one in the future. For the full summary of Stay! click here.