Madeline Finn and the Library Dog
by Lisa Papp

Madeline Finn does not like to read, especially out loud, but she does want a star sticker from her teacher instead of a heart sticker that says “keep trying.” When her mother takes her to the library, Madeline discovers something (well, someone) special: Bonnie. Bonnie is a big white dog and a great listener. With Bonnie’s big, kind eyes and patience, maybe reading out loud won’t be so bad after all…

With heartwarming illustrations from author-illustrator Lisa Papp, Madeline Finn and the Library Dog is a must-have for children and dog lovers of all ages. Look for a copy as it snuggles its way into readers’ hearts October 1!

“So adorable readers may attempt to hug the page.” ―Kirkus Reviews

“It’s a warm, encouraging story that suggests that perfection isn’t necessary in order to achieve one’s goals, and that help can be found in unexpected corners.” ―Publishers Weekly

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