From the author of New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Book Little Red, Beth Woollvin has done it again with Rapunzel—hitting shelves on October 1st. Grab some golden scissors and get ready for a feisty and clever spin on the classic fairy tale.

Tired of being stuck in a boring, lonely tower with only the company of the witch who keeps her prisoner, smart Rapunzel makes a plan. She decides to use her long, golden locks just like the witch does to climb out of the tower and have her own adventures. Her captor never suspects. But one afternoon, when the witch finally finds evidence of Rapunzel’s escapades, our cunning heroine saves herself in an empowering and entertaining surprise twist ending. You won’t find any damsels in distress here!

Woollvin’s dark, witty humor and striking three-color artwork will have readers looking for clues of Rapunzel’s plan every time they turn the page. The fierce female protagonist in Rapunzel will make young readers’ hair curl in excitement.

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“It’s about time that Rapunzel saved herself, and in Woollvin’s sly follow-up to 2016’s Little Red, she does exactly that…. Thanks to Woollvin, readers may grow up thinking this just-wicked-enough retelling is the classic one; if they ever stumble across versions with the prince, they may wonder why he was thought necessary.” —Publishers Weekly
“The blocky gouache illustrations in gray and black, strategically accented with yellow…heighten the timbre, suggesting both deviousness and joy…. Empowerment in leaps and bounds.” —Kirkus Reviews
“Utilizing simple, bold strokes of yellow, black, and gray inks, Woollvin expressively fills each page with eye-catching details that will bring readers back for another look. Fans of her Little Red (2016) will enjoy this latest feisty and intelligent heroine.” —Booklist
“Woollvin (Little Red, rev. 3/16) offers another wryly comic rewrite of a Grimms favorite, updating it with a can-do, self-rescuing heroine… Bold, graphic illustrations…capture the fusion of modern and traditional elements and offer sly tidbits of humor.”  —The Horn Book Magazine
“Pockets of eye-popping aureolin rivaling the brightest of yellow hues add to the black and grayscale to bring warmth and humor to the dark woods with a distinctive, quirky signature style as Rapunzel fearlessly rallies to her own rescue.” —Foreword Reviews
You can find Rapunzel at your local libraryindie bookstore, or Barnes& Noble this October.