Miguel’s Community Garden
by JaNay Brown-Wood
illustrated by Samara Hardy

What makes a sunflower a sunflower? Miguel knows sunflowers are tall, brightly petaled, have lots of seeds in the center, and sit at the top of thick stems with big, pointy leaves. Their lovely yellow color will be perfect for his garden party!

But Miguel’s garden is full of plants. Some have petals. Some are tall. Some have thick stems. Most of them will be great to eat at the party, but they’re not what he’s looking for! Where are the sunflowers?

In Miguel’s Community Garden, the second installment in the vibrant and informative Where in the Garden? series, author JaNay Brown-Wood’s easy-to-follow story offers a great introduction to how we identify the growing things around us. Meanwhile, Samara Hardy’s jubilantly illustrated fresh garden produce will have you hungry for a healthy feast.

Everyone is welcome at the garden party finale, featuring Miguel, his two dads, and a diverse group of young friends. And let’s not forget Miguel’s pet tortoise! Plus, in case you’re still hungry, there’s a recipe included for a fresh sunflower seed salad!

To get in the veggie spirit while you wait for your copy, check out our Activity Sheet to pair with the first book in the series, Amara’s Farm, and get a look inside the book below!

Find Miguel’s Community Garden this March at your local libraryindie bookstore, or Barnes & Noble, and be sure to check out the rest of our brand-new books coming to Peachtree this season!