March Madness is upon us! Predictions are in, and the bracket-busters have already begun. Hopefully the basketball fever is just getting started for readers, because we have some great basketball books for the season!

The following titles come from author Fred Bowen, a lifelong sports fanatic who has coached youth league baseball, basketball, and soccer. It’s tip-off time—start reading!

Outside Shot

Eighth-grader Richie Mallon has always known he was a shooter, but will his amazing shooting talent be enough to keep him on the team?

The Final Cut

Four friends who share a love of basketball have to go through tryouts for the school team. But will they all make the team?

Full Court Fever

The Falcons have the skill but not the height required to win their games. Will they be able to win the dreaded end-of-the-season game against their much taller rivals? 

Hardcourt Comeback

When a basketball team’s star forward loses his confidence, he has to learn how to think like a winner again.

Off the Rim

Chris yearns to be more than a bench warmer on the Oak View Middle School basketball team. With the help of his best friend Greta and her mom, Chris begins to change his defensive strategy and successfully learns to keep his opponents from scoring. 

Marcus is the high scorer and best rebounder on his basketball team, but he’s not so great at free throws, until the school custodian helps him overcome his fear of failure.

Real Hoops

Can street ball and technical play mix it up on the court and score wins for the team? Can Ben convince Hud to leave his hotshot style back on the pickup court?

Look for these titles and more at your local library, indie bookstore, or Barnes & Noble!