When Edgar Met CecilIn this year’s summer of space, take your space ship on a detour to meet Edgar and Cecil, an unlikely pair of friends. Along with marking the anniversary for some pretty big space milestones (the 60th anniversary of the Space Program and the 50th anniversary for the Apollo 11 Moon landing), this summer will most likely see a lot of kids and their families moving to new homes in new cities all over the country and the world. Edgar gets it. Cause Edgar did all of them one better, he moved to a new planet.

Edgar was having a great life until his parents told him that they were moving. Off-planet. The worse part would be leaving his best friend Quincy. Edgar and his family’s new town felt big and strange. All the kids at Edgar’s new school were equally scary, with strange tastes in clothes, food, and music. One kid in particular was making it extra hard for Edgar to adjust. Cecil was the biggest, weirdest alien in Edgar’s class.

When Edgar Met Cecil InteriorEdgar felt so uncomfortable and played by himself every day. Then one day, Cecil introduced himself and everything changed.

Kevin Luthardt utilizes his highly expressive, comical, full-color illustrations and minimal text to poignantly and humorously dramatize this tale of friendship found in unexpected places. When Edgar Met Cecil is a must-have for readers who enjoyed books like Baloney or Aliens Get the Sniffles Too! Ahh-Choo!. For all those kids who will be moving this summer, pick up this sweet book and get to know a robot who definitely sympathizes.

“This far-out lesson in making friends understands that to the new kid in school, everyone is going to seem scary and weird.” ―Kirkus Reviews

“This is a sweet picture book with simple, straightforward text, and the vibrant, cartoonlike acrylic images will appeal to young readers, one-on-one or in a group.” ―School Library Journal