Madeline Finn Shelter DogMadeline Finn and the Shelter Dog
Written & illustrated by Lisa Papp

The long-awaited companion book to the award-winning Madeline Finn and the Library Dog is finally here! This time, Madeline Finn finds a way to help more dogs and read more stories.

Madeline Finn asks her mother for a puppy every single day. Finally, Mom says yes, and Madeline Finn chooses Star, one of the puppies born to Mrs. Dimple’s beloved library dog Bonnie. Then Mrs. Dimple tells Madeline Finn about animal shelters―a place many other pets come from. After a visit to their local shelter, Madeline Finn has some questions. Do they get to play outside? Snuggle under blankets? Get told they’re loved? Questions lead to answers, and ideas, and together with some friends and good books, Madeline Finn discovers that there are lots of ways for small people to make a big difference.

Author-illustrator Lisa Papp offers a heartwarming exploration of life in an animal shelter in this inspiring and endearing book for young readers eager to help their communities.

“Cheerful… Charming…the story provides a positive look at two ways of acquiring a new pet.” ―Kirkus Reviews

“A gentle first-person text accompanies the watercolor-and-pencil illustrations on soothing beige pages, which perfectly befit the reassuring, happy ending.” ―Booklist

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When Lisa Papp originally submitted Madeline Finn and the Library Dog for publication, she wasn’t thinking of a second book. But after thoroughly researching the world of therapy dogs, she wanted to learn more about their stories and discovered that many of them were former shelter dogs. The idea for Madeline Finn and the Shelter Dog was born.

Shelter Dog reading programs can be found throughout the country, and they not only help children practice the confidence to read independently (like library dog programs) but they also can help calm shy, fearful, or high-energy dogs who might not get as much attention. The children can empathize with the dogs and the dogs become more adoptable, making it a win-win for everyone involved!

And we are extremely delighted to see that Madeline Finn and the Shelter Dog is already making its way to shelter dog reading programs, including WAGS.

Both Madeline Finn and the Shelter Dog and Madeline Finn and the Library Dog inspire readers to overcome their fears and to find ways to help the community. To continue the fun after reading these books, check out the activity kit for recipes, puzzles, and more! You can even download your own adorable “Read to Me!” stickers!

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