written by Fred Bowen

When Trey makes the Ravens travel baseball team, he credits his lucky charm—a piece of blue sea glass he found near his grandmother’s beach house. Overjoyed by this stroke of good fortune, he continues his superstitious behavior; he never steps on the base line, he obsessively taps the corners of home plate every time he’s at bat, and he always carries his lucky piece of blue sea glass in his uniform pocket. Despite the teasing and sarcasms from his teammates, Trey persists, adding more and more superstitious rituals to his routine.

Then one day he can’t find his lucky charm. He searches everywhere to no avail. And when his performance begins to slip, he is convinced that his future with the team is doomed. Will Trey find a way to make his own luck?

The fast-pasted and action-packed story is sure to be a favorite among baseball fans and perfect for reluctant readers. Also included is the “Real Story,” a slice of sports history related to the plot of the book. Readers can find out more about some well-known players, like Wade “Chicken Man” Boggs, who were notoriously superstitious.

“Bowen employs nearly every bit of applicable baseball lingo, with detailed descriptions of practicing and playing the games… In a nice touch, there are fun facts about some famous major league players who had lucky rituals, hats, bats, and more…. A good read for youngsters who know and love the game.” —Kirkus Reviews

“A former kids’ baseball coach and the writer of a Washington Post sports column for young readers, Bowen adds an entertaining note on baseball superstitions…. The straightforward story will appeal to young players as well as older ones intimidated by longer novels.” —Booklist


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