When I was little, I assumed that all authors were dead people. I rationalized this because Shakespeare was an author and he was dead… so were Tolkien, Lewis and Alcott. Since I had never met a real live author, it made sense that they were all dead. After all, Dr. Seuss magically came out with a book after he died, so all old drawers must contain forgotten manuscripts, which is where new books came from. Then my mom became an author, and since I was pretty sure that she was flesh and blood and wanted to keep her that way, I decided that it was time to revise my theory. Authors are living breathing working artists that are always writing and creating new stories… which brings me to my point… I want you to come and meet our authors.
That’s right people. We are having a party! Come by our office, have some snacks, talk about books and meet our authors.

Who is going to be there?!
(Besides me, of course.)
  1. Danny Schnitzlein: Danny is the author of three books with Peachtree, which happen to be some of my favorites.The Monster Who Ate My Peas, The Monster Who Did My Math, and Trick or Treat on Monster Street. These are fun rhyming books that are great for story time in and out of the classroom. Besides, what kids don’t love monsters?!
  2. Elise Weston: Elise wrote a fabulous historical fiction book with Peachtree titled The Coastwatcher. She is a graduate of the University of South Carolina. She has published articles and book reviews in numerous publications and is the former book page editor of Augusta Magazine.
  3. Gail Karwoski: With four Peachtree titles under her belt, Gail is a favorite in schools and libraries. Her books The Tree That Owns Itself, Surviving Jamestown, Seaman, and Quake! have won multiple awards. You can view teacher’s guides for her titles here.
  4. Anne Ginkel: With cute rhymes, elephants in tutus and a little counting, Anne has given us I’ve Got an Elephant, an adorable picture book that little ones love to read over and over again.
  5. Michael Montgomery: Lest you think we’ve forgotten the illustrators, I give you Michael Montgomery. I am absolutely in love with his lush, gorgeous, and often humorous illustrations. His Peachtree titles include Night Rabbits, Over the Candlestick, The Amazing Mr. Franklin, Santa’s Eleven Months Off, and First Dog Fala.
But wait… there is more. Since many of our authors live all over the U.S. we have a few of them that will be visiting us via Skype. Even more fabulous? Some of our authors will do school visits using Skype as well. Welcome to the new world of publishing, eh? The authors we will have chatting with us tomorrow are as follows:
  1. Barbara Bottner: I was first introduced to Barbara’s writing with her book Bootsie Barker Bites. As you can imagine, I loved this book and was thrilled when she became one of our very own, authoring two Peachtree books, Rosa’s Room, and Raymond and Nelda.
  2. Dori Butler: As a kid, I played baseball on the boys team, which made me make a special place in my heart for Dori’s book Sliding Into Home, about a little girl who loves baseball. Equally fabulous, while very different, are Do You Know the Monkey Man?, with its companion book Yes, I Know the Monkey Man. These two books look at the lives of identical twin sisters and the mystery that surrounds their lives.
  3. Leslie Bulion: You have to love Leslie’s The Trouble With Rules. When it comes to the forth grade, Nadine has to learn that sometimes, breaking the rules is the best thing you can do, especially when the rules don’t allow you to be yourself. Don’t miss her other Peachtree book Uncharted Waters.
  4. Kristin Wolden Nitz: Kristen lives in Michigan and has written two books with us here at Peachtree, Defending Irene and Saving the Griffin. Whether she’s writing about soccer, or fantastical creatures like griffins, her books are accessible and fun to read.

 You can find more information about these authors and others on our *NEW* Authors in Schools Page! Bring our authors to your school and teach kids that authors aren’t dead people.