Bookshop Girl PB

The Bookshop Girl
by Sylvia Bishop
illustrated by Poly Bernatene

“Whimsical… Lively writing, broad humor, and a fast-paced plot will capture and keep readers’ interest, particularly those who, like the author and her characters, love books.” —Kirkus Reviews

The Joneses have just won the Great Montgomery Book Emporium in a contest, and it’s every book lover’s dream, but there is more to the Emporium than its thousands of books in extravagant displays. The previous owner is hiding something that could destroy absolutely everything for the Joneses, and Property Jones is hiding a whopper of a secret that might just be the key to saving her family and their bookshop from the clutches of a nasty villain. Sylvia Bishop’s exceptional and fantastical mystery features a cast of memorable, quirky characters, beautiful descriptions of the tactile pleasures of books, and the magical transporting quality of bookstores.

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Mr Penguin and the Catastrophic Cruise

Mr. Penguin and the Catastrophic Cruise
by Alex T. Smith

“Gloriously silly… the short chapters with cliffhanger endings make for a perfect read-aloud…. Ridiculously charming.”Kirkus Reviews

Mr. Penguin and his Adventuring gang are back, and this time, they’re on board a luxury cruise ship for some much-needed rest and a little entertainment. Mr. Penguin isn’t even bothered that he can’t swim and is deeply afraid of water, but when a series of odd events infiltrates a façade of glamorous parties filled with a who’s who of film stars and politicians, Mr. Penguin can’t help but feel that something shifty is happening afoot. Perhaps Adventures are lying wait after all!  This third installment in the humorous, page-turning series from Alex T. Smith, the author-illustrator of the popular Claude series, is sure to thrill young readers looking for a good adventure.

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King Kayla Case of the Unhappy Neighbor

King & Kayla and the Case of the Unhappy Neighbor
by Dori Hillestad Butler
illustrated by Nancy Meyers

“Entertaining reading for the newest generation of detectives.” —Kirkus Reviews

When Jillian’s dog, Thor, is accused of digging up Mr. Gary’s garden, King and Kayla put their detective skills to work to clear his name. At the scene of the crime, Kayla picks up several clues, and a witness to the crime tells King that the culprit is a “new guy” who likes to fight. But who could that be? And can they track him down and clear Thor’s name? This addition to the King & Kayla series from Geisel Honor Award-winning team Dori Hillestad Butler and Nancy Meyers is perfect for newly independent readers and g reat for introducing mysteries and the important concepts of fact gathering, list making, clues, and analytical thinking.

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Candy Mafia

The Candy Mafia
by Lavie Tidhar
illustrated by Daniel Duncan

“Nelle is a sturdy, intrepid, practical character surrounded by a colorful cast of candy-obsessed children and adults in this fast-paced mystery.…there’s plenty here to satisfy tween mystery lovers….mystery, humor, plenty of action, and a red herring or two with an explosive climax.”School Library Journal

When notorious candy gangster Eddie de Menthe asks for her help to find a missing teddy bear, Nelle Faulkner is on the case. But as soon as the teddy turns up, Eddie himself goes missing! As a seemingly innocent investigation unravels into something more ominous, Nelle and her friends quickly find themselves swept up in a shady underworld of sweets smugglers, back alley deals, and storefront firebombs. Can Nelle and her friends find a way to take the cake? Or will they come to a sticky end…? This page-turning mystery from World Fantasy Award-winning author Lavie Tidhar featuring moody illustrations by Daniel Duncan will draw readers into an action-packed narrative as Nelle pulls the curtain back on black-market candy rings.

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