Spring is here and Earth Day is this Sunday! 
In keeping with this annual renewal of all things bright and sunshine-y, I thought we could take a look at one of our newest books, Seed Magic. 

Rose and her brothers mock crazy old birdman, who sits in his wheelchair all day feeding seeds to the pigeons. The birdman says pigeons are beautiful, but Rose doesn’t think so. She dreams of gardens full of red and yellow and blue flowers, like the ones she sees in her library books.

One day, Birdman fills Rose’s hands with slick, black seeds. He tells her they are magic—if she scatters them outside her window they will grow a garden. Her brothers don’t believe anything will happen, but Rose sets the seeds out on the windowsill and waits. And waits. Finally, like Birdman promised, an unexpected garden appears before her eyes—a musical flurry of red and yellow and blue, drawn to Rose’s window by seed magic.