As part of his Grand Prize, Gordon’s story is being published today on the blog! We’re all quite impressed with his imagination and how much fun he had with his story; we think you will be too 🙂 Enjoy!

Gordon vs. the Writing Assignment

Gordon was just sitting down at his desk at school when his teacher asked him to write a story for her. He said, “Oh, I don’t have anything to write.  This is going to be so hard.  I’ll just sit here and try to think of something.”  He puts his head on his desk.  All of a sudden the bell rings.  He jumps on his bike and rides it toward home and then things start to get weird.  Rocks start shooting out of trees.  He sees fireworks blasting (p.s. it is not the Fourth of July).  He goes straight home.

Weird things are happening there too!  His Mom has elephants on her head.  His Dad is throwing the chair, his sister is throwing sandwiches at him, and a giant chicken is attacking him.  They finally let him sit down and read a book.  Then things start getting weird again.  The characters from Gordon’s books start to jump out at him.   Some of his books have dragons in them and instead of shooting fire they shoot spikes.  He runs for his life.  He gets on his bike and drives off but as he drives away the bike changes into a rocket ship and by the time he stops it he is at Mars.

An Alien starts to chase him.  He gets into a space suit he found on a hook next to the door and goes out the back door.  The Alien starts chasing him again.  The Alien chases him for an hour and then the Alien is out of breath.  It walks to its home and Gordon walks back to the rocket ship and flies home.  When he lands he sees there is a tiny bomb in this rocket ship.  He has one second and then he suddenly wakes up.

He is at school where he can write his story very quickly.

He has a story to write!  Hurray!

The End

Gordon, the winner of Mrs. Burke’s You vs. Who? contest, is in second grade.