It’s our second Free Book Friday of the season!

Starting today, enter our Goodreads giveaway for a chance to win one of twenty unbound copies of Never Follow a Dinosaur. Alex Latimer‘s quirkly and bold style combined with strong visual storytelling in this cumulative mystery will not only test readers’ deductive reasoning, it will make kids want to read it again and again. They might even start looking for dinosaurs of their own to follow!

Sally and Joe are convinced that the mysterious footprints they have discovered must belong to a dinosaur! Could it be? Join them as they follow the clues to find out… But wait—what if Sally and Joe are right? What if it really is a dinosaur?

Read more about this title on our last New Book Wednesday post!

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Never Follow a Dinosaur by Alex Latimer

Never Follow a Dinosaur

by Alex Latimer

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