For those of you who have been following along, you may remember that we had an ice cream maker give-away at Book Expo America this past May in celebration of our new fall release, Three Scoops and a Fig, out this month. Well, we’ve decided to open up the contest to those who couldn’t make it to BEA, but this time you’ve really got to earn it!
Three Scoops and a Fig is about a little girl named Sofia who is tired of always being in the way in the busy kitchen of her family’s Italian restaurant, so she comes up with a delicious new recipe of her own: The Italian Flag Sundae. The sundae includes gelato and some juicy figs from the tree outside her house.
Inspired by this delicious dessert, we’ve come up with a fun contest for the other foodies out there. We’re asking you to submit your favorite dessert recipe to us. We will pick the two that sound the best and make them ourselves for a taste test in our office! It can be anything you like! Cakes, pies, tarts, anything!
Prize: A free copy of the book, Three Scoops and a Fig, a set of cookie cutters and a fabulous new kitchen apron.
1) Submit your recipe by filling out the form below. We’d also love to hear a brief description or anecdote about how this recipe is meaningful to you and your family. 
2)   Entries are due no later than 5PM, September 7, 2010. We will announce the winner the following week in a blog post, complete with pictures of the cooking process!
So come one and come all, foodies, chefs, and culinary klutzes alike, and remember:
No one’s troppo piccolo to send in a recipe that will sate the @PeachreePub sweet tooth!
Buona fortuna!