Election Day is upon us! There may be uncertainty as to who will win the election tomorrow, but no matter which way it goes, the president is bound to have his fair share of challenges ahead.

So, where do you go when you’re having a crummy day?


In Mr. President Goes to School, a trip back to elementary school is just the ticket. The president sure feels better after finger painting in Mrs. Appletree’s class and playing on the playground. But amid the fun and games, he is also reminded of all the important lessons he learned in school like saying please, raising his hand, and taking turns.

At the end of the school day Mr. President returns to the White House and uses these lessons to solve a potential international crisis between 2 foreign prime ministers. Can you imagine living in a world where disputes are that easy to solve?

No matter which candidate you support, make sure to go out and vote tomorrow! And, as always, Happy Reading! 

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