Charlie Bumpers vs. End of the Year

To celebrate the closing of Charlie Bumpers’s 4th grade year that comes with the release of the final book in the series, Charlie Bumpers vs. the End of the Year, we’re giving everyone a peek inside Charlie Bumpers’ “yearbook.” Hear from some of Charlie’s biggest fans and greatest friends through the years!

Sue Poduska, Grade Reading


It’s been a great year with you, Tommy, and Hector. You never take the easy way out, even though you think you’re doing the right thing. Seems there’s a right way to do things, a wrong way, and a Charlie way. Sorry the adults in your world tend to go into emergency mode. But at least your big brother watches out for you. Just learn to ignore your little sister. Have a wonderful summer and a great fifth grade.

Your friend,

Laura Palermo, Education and Library Sales at Peachtree

You’re a good friend (and a really nice gnome!), Charlie Bumpers! I’ll never forget you.

Karen Yingling, Ms. Yingling Reads

Dear Charlie,

Fourth grade has been a challenging year for you, but you have made it through with good humor, and I am glad that you shared your exploits with me. After the shoe throwing incidents at the beginning of the year, it was great to see you do such an impressive job with your role as a gnome in the school play. It was also good to see that your soccer team had a successful season– I think I still have a candy bar in my freezer from your fundraising efforts. I hope that things are looking up for your family with your father’s new job, and that your cousin Chip has not thrown up any more Swedish fish at your house!

Fifth grade will be another adventure for you, even though I know you will miss Hector very much. I will look forward to having your sister Squid in a few years, and I hope that you take sure you take Ginger for some nice, long walks this summer.

Best Wishes,

Ms. Yingling

Kate Unger, Mom’s Radius

My son and I love this series. I love how funny the Charlie books are. And I enjoy how they address real-life problems that kids face. It gave us great things to discuss while we were reading the books.

Vicky Holifield, Charlie Bumpers Editor at Peachtree

Dear Charlie,

Holy moly! What fun it was to relive the fourth grade with you! Thanks for all the stupific memories from the year: your incredible rabid bat Halloween costume, your brother Matt’s terrifying stories of the Long-Fingered Man, all those wacky adventures with your best friends Tommy and Hector, the narrow escape from the Jerzollies of Darkness, Mrs. Burke’s POWerful finger-snaps, and even the Squid’s annoying first-grade songs!

And will I ever forget your kindness toward others (especially Hector), your admirable (though sometimes a bit misguided) attempts to make the best of a disastrophe, your enthusiastic spirit, and your honest wish to do the right thing? To quote your favorite superhero Buck Meson: I DON’T THINK SO!!

Your biggest fan,


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