Buddy and Bea: Pet-a-Palooza
by Jan Carr
illustrated by Kris Mukai

“Another winning adventure with this charming elementary school class.”—Kirkus Reviews

Buddy and Bea (and their whole class) are back for more mayhem in this pet-a-palooza of a chapter book! After an author visits their classroom, Buddy and his friends are inspired to write about their pets—in fact, animals are suddenly all anyone can talk about! Joey’s adorable puppy even stops by Ms. Maple’s classroom (and makes a major mess). But something seems off about the things Bea is saying about her cat. Are her stories true?

Buddy has his own pet problems (training a cranky cat is . . . hard), so he tries not to focus on the drama with Bea. But she isn’t so easy to ignore. No one knows what to think about Bea’s tales—should they believe her? Is she fibbing? The truth turns out to be more complicated than Buddy thought.

Read an excerpt of the book early, and don’t miss Not Really Buddies and Tiny Tornadoes, the first two books in this hilarious series.

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