Big Rig
by Louise Hawes

Hazmat Sampson was practically raised in her daddy’s 18-wheeler. She may not live the typical 11-year-old-girl life of jump-roping and giggling with friends, but she loves looking out the window at the tiny four-wheeled vehicles and watching the road and sky pass her by. Besides, there’s plenty of room in the front seat for her and daddy to eat, sleep, and listen to over 1,429 audiobooks.

But suddenly, Daddy starts talking about putting down roots–somewhere Hazmat can go to a real school and make friends. Somewhere Daddy doesn’t have to mail-order textbooks about “nature’s promise to all women.” Somewhere Mom’s ashes can rest on a mantle and not on a dashboard.

Hazmat has dealt with change her whole life on the road; she’s slept in over 300 cities in fact. Each day brings a new surprise, from plane crashes and robo trucks to runaway hitchhikers and abandoned babies. But the news of a home in their future is a surprise that she never saw coming.

This is a surprise that she cannot accept. She isn’t ready to give up her life of changing scenery and free truck-stop showers for a new house and public school. The navigator’s seat is where she belongs and she will do anything to keep her daddy’s dream from becoming a reality.

Perfect for fans of traditional coming-of-age narratives, this heartfelt, laugh-out-loud portrait of a father and daughter is a satisfying journey across modern America that you won’t want to miss.

Praise for Big Rig

“There are hilarious moments, some mysticism, and heart-stopping adventures. . . . Hazel is innocent, wise, trusting, loving, capable, creative—and a total delight; readers will root for her all the way. . . . An unusual modern picaresque romp with a lovely message.” Kirkus Reviews

“Hawes’ breezy tale will capture readers’ attention, piquing their interest through highway high jinks and keeping them wondering about where Hazmat’s adventures will take them next. An original tweak on the road trip story.” Booklist

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