Beyond the Burrow
by Jessica Meserve

Rabbit loves her life in the burrow. It’s warm and familiar, and she always knows the next rabbity thing to do. Most importantly, she’s safe among her fellow rabbits; there’s nothing with feathers, scales, horns, or hooves, and certainly nothing giant, clawed, hairy, or scary.

Then one day, Rabbit reaches just a little too far past the burrow for a carrot that’s simply to juicy to resist and goes tumbling far, far from the burrow. Frightening adventures through caves and rivers and forests, are NOT rabbity, not rabbity at all. But with the help of some unexpected not-rabbit allies, Rabbit begins to learn that maybe, possibly, it can be rabbity to try something new.

Jessica Meserve’s tongue-in-cheek words pair perfectly with her expressive, intricate illustrations in Beyond the Burrow, an encouraging parable about comfort zones and the courage to step past them. Kids and adults alike sharing this touching tale during storytime will surely enjoy pointing out chatty ants and worms hidden in the soil on each page.

Get a peek inside the book below!

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