Mr. President Goes to School
Written by Rick Walton
Illustrated by Brad Sneed
$16.95, 978-1-56145-538-6 


What does an American President do when he’s feeling overwhelmed?  He sneaks out of the White House in a disguise and walks 7 ½ blocks to a place he remembers very fondly…his kindergarten classroom!

Rick Walton’s fanciful story is a laugh-out-loud reminder that, while kindergarten may not supply all the necessary education required to run the country’s highest office, it does provide some very necessary fundamentals, not least among them the importance of snack time!



Hayley is excited for the first day of first grade, until she realizes it is different from kindergarten in all the wrong ways!  Rodman’s story will appeal to both teachers and students alike who understand what it takes to negotiate new expectations and challenges on the first day of a new school year.


First Grade Stinks! 
Written by Mary Ann Rodman * Illustrated by Beth Spiegel
HC: $15.95, 978-1-56145-377-1 * PB: $8.95, 978-1-56145-462-4 



Smitty is never late for school, and he’s not about to let thick, black tar, a Martian robot, or a T-Rex change that.  Reiss’ vivid and imaginative story demonstrates that getting to school on time can be an adventure! 
Late for School
Written by Mike Reiss * Illustrated by Michael Austin

HC: $16.95, 978-1-56145-286-6 * PB: $7.95, 978-1-56145-491-4


The indomitable Little Rabbit is back for his first day of school, and he insists on bringing Charlie Horse, his favorite, but rather disruptive, toy.  This heart-warming story tenderly addresses the challenges of growing up 

Little Rabbit Goes to School
Written and Illustrated by Harry Horse
HC: $15.95, 978-1-56145-320-7  
What will Jake do when he forgets to bring the special collection he’s going to share with his first grade class for their celebration of the 100th day of school? Luckily, he has a very kind principal who comes up with a creative solution. 
Jake’s 100th Day of School
Written by Lester L. Laminack * Illustrated by Judy Love

                                               HC: $16.95, 978-1-56145-355-9 * PB: $8.95, 978-1-56145-463-1