Two Friends, One Dog, and a Very Unusual Week
by Sarah L. Thomson
illustrated by Vin Vogel

A joyfully carefree story about two unlikely friends reintroduces the perfect absurdity of Pippi Longstocking! Readers will ease into this warm and lighthearted story with charming black-and-white illustrations to see what it means to embrace life to the fullest. 

When a pair of silver sequined sneakers unexpectedly flips Emily’s comfortable, predictable world upside down, or, more precisely, the girl wearing them, Emily watches Rani break the rules without hesitation. But it’s not just that Rani breaks the rules. Most of the time, she doesn’t seem to know the rules exist. Why can’t she bungee jump off their building? Or bring an ice cream truck to school? 

For steady and orderly Emily, Rani’s approach to life feels impossible . . . and more than a little irresistible. But through a week’s worth of wacky adventures and avoiding annoying adults, Emily finds out how their friendship can make anything possible.

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