About Habitats: Tundras
by Cathryn Sill
illustrated by John Sill

Explore the unique attributes and plant and animal diversity of tundras in this new addition to the About Habitats series! Tundras are cold, dry areas that are covered with snow most of the year. Since the ground beneath these regions always stays frozen, the animals and plants living there must adapt and find ways to survive the harsh, windy weather. Plants often grow low to the ground and feature fuzzy stems and leaves, and many animals migrate to warmer areas until summer returns.

From award-winning creators Cathryn and John Sill comes a new nonfiction picture book exploration of nature for young readers. Featuring simple, easy-to-understand language and detailed, realistic paintings, About Habitats: Tundras is an excellent resource for parents and educators to teach children what tundras are (covering the characteristics of Arctic, Antarctic, and alpine tundras), what kinds of animals and plants live there, and how certain species have adapted to the unique, harsh environment. Ideal for early childhood and elementary education units on biomes and environments, geography, habitats, and nature, a glossary and afterword provide more detail for further exploration.

Explore more nonfiction books in the About… and About Habitats series, and get a peek at illustrator John Sill’s beautifully detailed art below!

“Strengths continue to be the marvelously detailed, lifelike pictures and the careful identification of each subtype of habitat (here, Arctic, Antarctic, and alpine) and its plants and animals. . . . This solid addition to an established series covers an often overlooked habitat.” —Kirkus Reviews

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