Behold the Octopus!
by Suzanne Slade
illustrated by Thomas Gonzalez

Lyrical text and gorgeous illustrations plunge readers into an undersea exploration of one of the most mysterious, accomplished animals on the planet: the octopus.

Behold the octopus! This remarkable animal hides beneath the seas, so you may not realize its uniqueness.

Fortunately, this nonfiction picture book from an award-winning team reveals the fascinating features of the glorious octopus, such as lights that attract prey, legs that walk on land, and the ability to change color and shape to match their surroundings and even masquerade as other animals.

This lyrical, educational picture book is perfect for readers with a burgeoning interest in marine biology. Take a look inside!

Find Behold the Octopus! this April at your local library, indie bookstore, or Barnes & Noble.