What’s the unlikeliest friendship you can think of? A bird with an eye for neatness and a very messy monster? A duck and a penguin who definitely don’t want to build sandcastles together? A bunch of distinguished lemmings and a not-so-distinguished bear? This adorable round-up has it all.

A Friend for Mole

A Friend for Mole
Written and illustrated by Nancy Armo

An accidental encounter throws Mole and Wolf together. One is afraid of the light, the other is afraid of the dark. Together they learn that friends are all they need to conquer their fears. Nancy Armo’s humorous story, with adorable illustrations, explores fear and friendship to show how opposites can complement, strengthen, and support each other.

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Duck and Penguin Are Not Friends

Duck and Penguin Are NOT Friends
Written and Illustrated by Julia Woolf

Duck and Penguin are not friends, despite what Betty and Maud might have you think. They do not want to swing together, build sandcastles together, and they certainly do not want to play baby dolls together! Duck and Penguin will let you know when they’re ready to be friends, thank-you-very-much. Author-illustrator Julia Woolf’s laugh out loud tale about the secret world of toys and building friendships on your own terms makes the perfect read-aloud with a relatable topic and hilarious illustrations that will have children begging for multiple reads.

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Kalinka and Grakkle

Kalinka and Grakkle
Written and illustrated by Julie Paschkis

Kalinka’s a showy little bird with an eye for neatness, but her grumpy neighbor Grakkle is a very messy monster who doesn’t care one bit about cleaning.  He just wants to relax in his favorite chair and soak his feet in a cool bucket of pickle juice. “Grakk!” he complains as Kalinka “tidies up” his messes.  “You’re welcome,” she responds. They simply aren’t on the same wavelength. Can an unfortunate accident plus a little humor and empathy help an odd couple like this see eye to eye?

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Society of Distinguished Lemmings

The Society of Distinguished Lemmings
Written and illustrated by Julie Colombet

The Society of Distinguished Lemmings aims to be distinguished in absolutely everything, but it takes an awful lot of rules to be so distinguished. Bertie has had quite enough of the society and all its rules. So, he ventures outside and discovers a bear, who is very unlike a lemming. Will the Society ever accept Bertie’s new friend just the way he is, or is the bear simply too big and clumsy of a creature to be distinguished? This hilarious tale features valuable themes of finding new friends, challenging peers, and questioning the rules. Readers will return to the story again and again to discover the quirks of every distinguished lemming while also learning about the importance of staying true to yourself amidst pressure to conform.

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